Monday, August 25, 2008


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hello everyone...

one day

i left my winamp on shuffle...
i heard this song...

it made me stop....

i drifted for awhile...

then the loud thudding at the end snapped me back to reality...


it does this to me everytime without fail...

i heard it form a video game

its called eternity (memories of lightwaves)

the game is gone, but i guess this song will last for an eternity...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

learning english the FUN way!

hey everyone!

haha... the holidays bring many joy... one of the many things i did was going thru some of the files on my old PC....
and i found this mp3 file way in the depths of all the other files...
well.. i guess i was young so stuff like this was hidden... hahah
since i figured most of u today use the word, why not get to know it better.
so i took the liberty of searching the lyrics on the web...

ATTENTION: this is a copy pasted item... i did not have anything to do with the making of this masterpiece...

have fun... but dont apply this word into your daily life too frequently...


"How to use the F word"

Prehaps one of the most interesting words
In the English language today is the word fuck
Out of all the English words that begin with the letter "f"
Fuck is the only word that is referred to as the "f"word
It's the one magical word
Just by it's sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love
Fuck, as most words in the English language, is derived for German
the word "fleckin" which means to strike
In English fuck falls into many grammatical categories
As a transitive verb for instance:
"John fucked Shirley."

As an intransitive verb
"Shirley fucks."

It's meanings not always sexual
It can be used as an adjective as in
"John's doing all the fucking work."

As an adverb
"Shirley talks too fucking much."

As an adverb enhancing an adjective
"Shirley is fucking beautiful!"

As a noun
"I don't give a fuck!"

As a part of a word

And as almost every word in the sentence
"Fuck the fucking fuckers."

But you must realize that aren't too many words
With the versatility of fuck
As in these examples describing situations such as
"I got fucked at the used car lot."

"Ah fuck it!"

"I guess I'm really fucked now."

"Don't fuck with me buddy"

"I don't understand this fucking question"

"Who the fuck was that?"

"I don't like what the fuck is going on here."

"He's a fuck off"

"Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go fuck yourself?"

I'm sure you can think of many more examples
With all of these multipurpose applications
How can anyone be offended when you use the word?
We say use this unique, flexable word more often in your daily speech
It will identify the quality of your character immediately
Say it loudly and proudly!


P/S: find it cool? wait till u hear the mp3... plees ask me fer it if u r interested :p

Monday, August 11, 2008

minyak naik, saya duduk rumah aje...

hmm... its tru i gues... the fuel price is BLARDy expensive.... ppl say saya berkira... mmg la kene berkira... its friggin expensive la... i knoe u guys suruh saya turun shah alam to hang out... i can but i really haf to make sure the journey is worthwhile... kalu pegi jamming i dun mind... haha.

dis my baby, i'm gonna love her long time!

neways dat day i tot i havent gone speeding in a long while. i had to send my sister back to shah alam so i sed... "hmm... da lama x bawak dia jalan jauh2, ksian dia....bole la speeding kejap" so after taking my sis to midvalley [nandos sangat bes oke!!!] its time tu go.... i sed to myself "how bad could this fuel issue be??" At that time there was half a tank of fuel. it was 10 pm.... i entered federal highway.... YA WES! JALAN CLEAR!!!!....

so off i went.... 80...90...100...110...120... oke la... maintain la sampai shah alam.... since my cars radio was out [wat to do... no munny maaa na repair] i can clearly hear the sound of my car revving to its limit... al maklum, kereta lama.... :p i wanted to go faster but considering the condition of things and my sister beside me, i sed "NOT TONIGHT".

tau2 i reached shah alam tol alreddy... well, it was nice after not going that fast for a long time. so i sent my sis to her house... then i couldnt help but drop by my frens place nearby... i pulled up, chatted with them fer about 15 mins n started my car to go home... then i saw the horror that stood before me>>>>>>

HOLY SHIZZZNIT.......!!!!!

whad da heck!!! oke fine it was my fault anyways... she is known to be very "thirsty".... mmg suke telan minyak... so oke lah... i didnt wanna go back on an empty tank... i searched for the nearest petronas available... never thot shah alam had so many of these gas stations.... near MSU je da ada 3! hahaha... hmm... rm50 shud do it... paling2 lepas la dapat balik umah... i paid the guy n started filling the tank.... dusyum! bunyi pam minyak tu (i tink laa bunyi dia camtu... hahah) my thots: letihnya na pengang pump ni lama2.... my hands x sempat na lenguh lagi tau2 da habeh da.... OMG.... banyak tuu jeee masuk????? Sugar Honey Ice Tea! ntah brapa liter tah... it was to sikit fer me to remember (or even want to remember).... mmg lepas ni kalu na kuar sah2 kene think twice.... i started the car.... eleeeehhh... x naik pon meter.... pastu kaaaan.....

i drove home.....

SLOWLY....... :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

payung... payung...payung...

reffering to the silliness of the title, that wud be a direct translation in bahasa melayu of the multi-billion dollar hit (farid, stop exaggerating this instant!) umbrella brought on by Rihanna. i was tinking to myself this song got so many airplays, wats the fuss???? haha... the first time i heard it in my car i thot was like the tackiest thing ever.... u can imagine if his song never came out n i went up to u saying umbrella... ella... ella.. u wud think i'm insane wud u.... (well, u cud b right at times... hahah) but these americans can pull of with anything they do n no matter how stupid it sounds, ppl will like it.... (isnt that a pain???) if u think about it, the name 50 cent is rather... well... u imagine me calling nicknaming myself as lima puluh sen.... that wud spill ur intestines out laughing... but when they do it... OMG that like the coolest thing ever!... ergh....

neways as i was saying this umbrella song made history.... for those of u who still do not know what happens in this world nemore, (i get it, the medical field can do this to u...) here it is....

following this, the tackiness started to spread... sumhow everyone wanted in.... they could not get the budget to get their own Jay-z so they came up with numerous versions of their own... n guess wat, it sounded better in their own way.... thanx to the power of youtube (no commercializing intended) ppl started doing covers of that same song.... this bit is done by the chick marie digby.... familiar... she came to malaysia awhile back.... this is wat got her famous in the first place....

it didnt stop there, david sides wanted in too but seeing as the guitar was alreddy done so many times, he used his piano... (thats wat happens if u haf talent n dun haf nuthing else to do bout it).... his cover kicked ass... u be the judge of it

u might think it had to stop didnt u.... but noooo..... this thingy went on.... bands soon realize that they had to change sumtin this tacky and made it even more tackier with a twist... this is by far the best cover i've seen.... my buddy lydia gave me this song n video.... i took it to indonesia n the kids there loved it. this band made a spoof of the video and improved the song to a higher level.... its umbrella on drugs... wohoooo.... this is the band vanilla sky....

i alreddy thot that was the limit.... then still got sum more... haih... u really gotta give credit to the creators of the song... before this entry was written i was given a youtube link by lydia... i still cant figure out y she likes the song sooo much... hahaha performed by a band called lillasyster, they made this one work.... i mean if rihanna didnt get the song they would have pulled it off.... but hey, thats just my opinion... n if u dun like... do i look like i care??? hahaha

smiles everyone... i wonder wat kinda water protection device song they will come up with next?????

DISCLAIMER: i made this blog with no intention to promote... but if u feel like givin munny to me for promoting, it is very welcome....

Friday, August 1, 2008

one house one nation... (whaaa???)

classmate: km ngontrak sama siapa aja sih? (who are ur housemates?)

me: aaaaa.... sama anak2 malaylah.... hahaha (erm... with malay peeps???)

well of cousre i had to blog this down someday... eventho this blogsite is really about me n my awesome world but i still hav the heart to put other peeps in the space given... seeing as i am awesome.... hahaha... i now live with these for human beings i like to call housemates... they keep me sane yet sometimes they drive me nuts.... thanx guys.... btw... saya sengaja mencari gamba2 korg yg paling poyo.... hua3! I AM SOOOO EVIL!

this is saufi.... but to make us all easy we just call him BOY....i first met this dude during the entrance examination... i first thought... "adik sapa silap masuk exam hall nih???" (hahaha... sori boy.... gurau2...) Saufi is taking up pharmacy and hails all the way from sabah... theres also a sabahan from my faculty... nama dia ain.... saufi xna ke??? heheh (sukenya saya mengkapel2kan org). kebestan saufi ialah he has a hamster farm. i had a pet iguana, it died after two weeks. but saufi has about ten lil critters (hamster dia laaa...) running in front of his room.... then they started dying one by one.... haduih.. saufi is by far the "sang penghibur" of the house.... FYI, dialah yg pertama antara kami yg mencuba rujak cingur (a mixture of foods with cows noses.... yeah) a bit about the pic, it was taken in hanamasa after we won a prize munny whereby saufi played the role of a dude possesed by demons.... boy, u rawk!

this boy lives next door to my room... he is adnin... but for entertainment purposes we'll call him momo.... (pray to God he doesnt read this....) i give you his profile photo coz legend has it he is too good-looking to be seen from his front side... well, i'm just going with it neways. momo first conversed with me at vistana hotel after the entrance exams. my first thought, "poyo gile mamat nih" (yeah... he knows i sed it). all the way from perak he comes to do medic. his tongue is not human for he is really sensitive to the details of food taste (i think a chicken tastes like chicken but he can really go deeper :p) he is the keeper of the biggest fish tank in the house. u can hav countless hours just talking bout muvies wit him coz believe me, i knoe..... this pic was taken at hanamasa also.... ladies, eat ur heart out...

this specimen is a Fadzli... we call him Pali or if u are that lazy, Lee is just fine.... a fine collection of wardrobe sits in his room... owh but before that, i tink i first saw him at the campus c hall... i tot he was brothers with saufi... the most gila of our lot, pali will tickle the life out of u if u dont watch out. from Kedah he pursues medicine but has future plans to have a breed of sheep... (dun ask me, i dun get it either) Nowadays i jarang nampak fadzli kat umah... y fadzli??? hahaha. this boy keeps all the munny bisnes in check. uber thanx! if u wanna watch teevee, makan, n just hang out, this is the perfect partner. he owns his own blogsite but i can't locate it nowadays.... btw, he keeps the most novels in the house (jiwang siot!... hahaha... gurau mayte). and about that pic, it was taken at hanamasa too... candid i think....

And this freak of nature ladies and gentlemen (i am sooo good at exaggerating....) is Johan. but if u really2 luv him, he goes by the name of Kuda... watever the kuda u want him to be is ur wish... hahaa... (oke joe i am joking) Hailing from kelantan Joe comes to do medicine. i saw joe wandering at the airport on the first day we met. as fate wants it we now live in the same house. joe is the sportsman of us lot... i can't thank him enuff for handling most of the issues related to the well-being of the house. dia nih terrer silat... sapa na ajak silat sila ajak joe.... his room is at the back of the house and most of the time i can hear numerous kelantanese music coming out from his room... home sweet home joe... rawk on! info on the pick. since joe is impatiently waiting for the juniors of 2008 he thot he might do good to practice his relation skill with patrick....

well, as for me, need i say more... haha... in our house we learn all there is needed to learn as a human, student and the importance of being crazy at times... mistakes made are what makes us human and it is the reponsibility of each n everyone of our housemates to remind us to go back on the right track. may i have many priceless experiences and memories with yoo guys in the years to come...


NOTE: as this blog is written the author remains as the coolest member of the house... it's a fact....