Thursday, June 2, 2011

I BE TRIPPIN! part 2 bebeh...

So lets move on eh?

our visit to Tanah Lot was entertai
ning... A couple went up to us and asked "permisi pak, mw ambil foto di sini bisa?" (excuse me, can we take a picture here). After shifting aside we heard them say to each other....

haaa... abang! abang! tolong la amekkan gamba saya (or sumtin like that)

hoh... Malaysian rupenya, I guess I've been here to long and they can't tell where I came from... sedih... so after the sun set, adnin (yeas, thats his name. the boy u who u thought was better looking than me, yeah.. admit it you were thinking it) and myself headed back... Dinner was a pain to find... as a Muslim we need halal food and in Bali, they say even the pork is halal (my ass....)

we journeyed back to Kuta and yet again got LOST within Kuta itself... hahaha... history wasnt much of a thing for us so we just stopped by the bombing site and took a photo... errm... thats was that I guess.. haha
we circled around and passed by Bali's Hard Rock Cafe... being hati kering and low on budget we decided not to go inside cez who knows we might need whatever cash left in our wallets... so... all we did was (you guessed it) snap a couple more photos!

alrite... am just gonna skip to the next day aite? Waking up the next morning we felt much more like we owned Bali cez we we re as hell sure where we wanted to head off to... "NUSA DUA" we sed... then off on our bikes we went... and as usual, "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE"..... the sun in Bali was no joke my friends, it was BLAZING hot.... so spending a suffiecient amount on a bike was enuf to burn you...

Nusa dua greeted us with a monument... statue... or whatever it was... it was amazing! the sun gave us enough lighting for good photography (which was the real reason i went on this trip). the view at the beach was also marvelous! we didnt bring any spare clothes so well, swimming was not an option... besides, with Naddy's SLR in my hands ( I seriously need to think about buying one of these babies) I needed to be extra cautious.... so all the "beach-related" poses u can think of, well. .. we did it.. the jumping, the staring into the air, the depressed look, the thinking bout our future pose... consider it done!

hahaha.... will continue later... next is the story of us monkeying around at a monkey temple!

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