Saturday, October 17, 2009

A weekend party! Part 1

I know I should not be doing this right now...

but all the excitement cannot be held back

needless to say that I am very VERY tired

Fatin Nadia and Mubarak Mokhtar are now married...

I was there to witness it all


if I blog this down sure besok x cukup tido... therefore I will recap this event in a shorter form as might say it... this is wat I went thru over this wonderful weekend


arrive in Malaysia - LCCT chocolate house - home - makan lauk kampung - rest


Event ~ Akad Nikah
Theme ~ White and Cream
Location ~ Home

solat jumaat [yess.... I was tired] - drove to get supplies - home - prep the dining area - spread out the carpets - set up audio system - kabut mencari baju melayu - majlis akad nikah starts -PR job of communicating with the guests - selesai akad nikah - photo session [I had to wait there just in case anything unexpected comes out] - ends at 2.11am


Phase 1

Event - Bersanding traditional
Location - Dewan Angkasa TUDM KL
Theme - Pink

Phase 2

Event - Wedding Protocol Dinner
Location - Dewan Angkasa TUDM KL
Theme - Maroon/Red

woke up - breakfast - got dressed - waited for bride and groom to make up - send supplies -home - send bridesmaids - home - send more supplies - home - send grandparents - home - drove bride and groom to hall - procession of the bride and groom - bermesra with friends - gave out bunga telur to the VIPs on stage - PR job again - drove Bride and groom to photo shoot - home - fetch them from photo shoot - home - band practice - home - got ready - send brde and groom to hall - protocol ceremony - procession again - bunga telur again - phase 2 starts - live band performance - poco-poco dance - tarian joget - karaoke - poco-poco semula - send gifts and supplies home [3 trips all back and forth] - unloading 3 cars full of stuff by myself....



and above all this, my flight to surabaya is on SUNDAY.... packing....

p/s: Selamat pengantin Baru SIS!!!.... I love U dearly.....

p/ss: thanx to all my Friends who came and thanx to the ones who helped out... I will treasure your friendship forever!!!

life is.................................... a BLISSSSSSS

gambar???? part 2.....


Lydia said...

i reached home at 2am, make d flower arrangement pretty. went upstairs and dah tak larat nak mandi (coz i hv to remove my make up and wash my hair due to d hair spray)... i salin tee n short n with my bulu mata and make up on, i terbongkang atas katil.

serious penat!

ImRaN said...

haa.... at least dapat menronggeng kat jalan TAR dulu....

asam-manis said...

what live band performance?? where? spill it dude, spill!