Tuesday, October 27, 2009


nothing in this world goes by without motive....

why it happens??? motive. What did you do that for??? motive. Cause of death??? motive.

simple really... what makes it hard??? the human mind that tends to forget and ignore.... Yes forgetting is what makes us human but when we ignore, that just makes us low.... very low.... even animals fulfill their motives... motive of reproduction is to continue life.... motive of hunting is to ensure they stay alive... So do not underestimate animals... [haahaa... going just a little bit to far folks]

So where am I going with this??? As a student learning in a profession that demands a lot, I must remind myself constantly on what motive I do what I do. Each day I wake up I must always remember, my motive of learning abroad is to take back with me knowledge that can be put to good use for the people back home. And if by all means I must struggle to do it, then so be it.

The best example I would like to follow is my dear Mother. People say, "U got it easy, Your parents are rich" or "Of course she knows, she is a dentist"

Dear friends, from your eyes it looks that way but me as her son, even as a little boy I saw the way she struggled day after day for four years abroad. Juggling with four kids she not only has to make time for studying but time for us... Waking up everyday in a foreign country with little to spare, she along with my dad made sure that while she fulfilled her motive she made sure we got to live our lives as normal kids, clothes on our backs, being able to socialize, being able to eat proper food.... and thus, four years later becoming the best at what she does.

Now don't you think she deserves the life she has now??? biarlah orang kata saya ni anak mak, I am damn proud. because things are different from my eyes.

so as I was saying. Motive. Never forget it. looking back, I must say, me being stressed??? complaining lots to read??? whining about so much work to do??? that is nothing compared to what my mother has been through. sometimes I wonder how frustrated they must be when they know I skip class, not being able to get those A's, wasting my time. Further more they are paying for me to learn. My apologies dear parents. I only need to buck up and start reading. So yeah, struggle, commit, do not whine, do whatever it takes. GET THERE, FULFILL YOUR MOTIVE.

and never ignore it.....

~eyes wide open~