Sunday, July 12, 2009

Imran goes to the studio!

@ Nada Muzika studios...

Last saturday I recieved a phone call from Yasmin, "hey farid, i wanna record a song tomorrow". I just got outta bed thinking "yeah... x sempat kot..." and forgot that the conversation ever took place

Sunday morning, another phone call woke me up... It was Adam this time... "okay farid.. i booked the recording studio tonight. I'll drop by ur house to give u a demo on the song later"


Dorg memang tak main-main rupenye... herk....

Long story short, We reached the studio around 7.45pm... i thught to myself "hmm... mantap lah... tengok la dulu cara Adam wat camne" And then the techy guy in the studio sed "okey, lagunya gimana??" without warning Adam sed, "Okay Farid, Rhythm dulu terus record okey"

WTF???? aku dulu???

okey.... Playing guitar was hard enough for me as it is... I can only play a guitar to save my life... now i had to do it in front of this techy guy following the cue of a metronome!!!! "On the ninth count, you start playing okay...."

Nasib bek aku ni rhythm player, I only had to shift between 4 notes... hehehe... but lemme tell you sumtin, playing with the metronome is HARD!!!!! and i never knew song recording was such a tiring process.... i finished playing the song with minor flaws thankfully... all I had to do was replay the wrong parts and cover it up...

And it did not stop there, "OKay then, how bout we make it so that the rhythm sounds like 2 guitars playing simultaneously? can you play another round?"

again, WTF????


But the recording experience was new and exciting.... the guy editing our music was using ProTools, same software used by Linkin Park fer their music. After myself, Adam had to fill in the rhythm with his melody. This was finished with Yasmin's vocals.....

mixing is done in Three days... can't wait~


nizamuddin do speaks! said...

path to stardome is full of glowy lights of studioz and glitters of sweatz dryin on ur skin..

wawawa~ keep on rockin, balladin, or sumthin..

Lydia said...

haha.. thats my rockstar!

asam-manis said...

sila beri saya dgr hasilnyer nnt ohkayh?

terima kasih..