Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What goes thru ur mind when I say this word? A majority I guess refer to exams… Can’t argue there. But 2 years spent here (2 years… my my how we can show our true colors in such a short period of time) I have seen and done multiple types of failure… TAKE NOTE: I imply myself here as well so dun say I’m pointing my finger at you….

  1. failing to shut up

put 2 humans together with nothing to do and I can assure u…. they wont sit and talk about themselves, they will talk about other people. As bitter as it may sound I think the “kalau dah melayu tu melayu la jugak” term people tell me is really starting to show…. Its life… I cant put words anymore to describe this. The tongue is the softest muscle yet the sharpest weapon….


  1. failing to see

the tiniest speck of fault in another is most noticeable but what of your own?

A: “kau tengok buruk gile perangai dia.. manusia jenis apa tah dia tu”

B: “er... aku tgk kekadang ko pon sama jugak”

A: “tp aku camtu-camtu pon, baik lagi aku... tak cam dia...bla bla bla”

Ouh, this conversation is usually followed by point number 1....


  1. failing to keep promises

when u say u will do it, do it… simple as it is… God forbid if a plague hit u the night before its okey… otherwise please improve on point number 1…. SHUT UP… shitty it is when u promise to hang out with me tomorrow, just hours beforehand u say u dun feel like going…. Hey, U PROMISED … then again, wouldn’t it be nice if the plague really hit you… here’s another one…

“okay dear, when u get there promise me u’ll study hard, I sold grandpa’s land to get u to this university”

“okay mom/dad… I promise……”

Much much later….

“class??? Nah, whatever for? I’ll just sleep there anyway, better do it at home”


  1. failing to just keep it going

“uuuuu… I missed you so much…. Promise me you’ll gimmie a call whenever”… well, I tried… but in time u find it boring don’t u… u just said that for the sake of saying it… so one day, u decided to stop while I keep on trying…oh yes… you nailed it this time. you failed to shut up and keep ur promise…


  1. failing to asses the situation

what situation??? Anything really…. Put it backwards or forewords it will somehow follow the sequence below….

done one time: “hahaha… daymn….”

Done twice: “ehehe…. Emmm….”

Done three times: “oke man… stop it”

Done yet again and again: “FUCK IT MAN.. YOU’RE SUCH A DICK”

Ouh… this one really puts the END in friENDship….

As u can see… it revolves around here….

Well, whether we like it or not, individuals like this exists… it’s a harsh world we live in… when i say this dun go crying and start blaming yourself or getting back at me... instead realize how important it is to have an open mind and be ready to change yourself for the better….

Flaws are what makes us human, what makes us more than human is to learn from it…..

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