Saturday, May 23, 2009

allow me to be human.....

Hey all… just finished the last page of the ever-so-thick novel by Stephenie Meyer (did I get that right???) called Twilight….

(make the sound of the tape rewinding)


Me???? Reading Twilight?????

Yes…. I was bored that time so I picked up the book…. DUH… I knoe this novel was considered VEEERRRRY old among novel readers…. So why did I chose to waste my life and read it??? Well, I thought the movie sucked so much (wasted Rp. 20,ooo) this could probably save whatever is left of Steph’s dignity…. It took me two months to finish it I think… well… I am a busy man… (busy sleeping.. wohoooo…..)

YES, Miss Stephanie is an awesome writer in her own unique genre…. From start to finish her writing proves to be a pleasant reading experience. Referring to Bella as I really puts me in her shoes (sorry.. not an arts student… I dunno literature jargon… u can teach me tho…) I guess u all know the story by now ryte??? So no need fer summary okay??? She fell fer the vampire and a lot of very impossible things happen which are beautifully put into words….


Yes… it is impossible…. Sorry Miss Meyer…. I have to voice this out…. Because of this book… every girl in the world wishes she has a boyfriend like Edward Cullen…. Now each and every single male is compared to Edward…. Kesian juga ya para laki-laki… Careful….. He does not exist…. I sed it many2 times… without flaw we are not human…. Don’t u understand the reason Stephanie made Edward a vampire???? Because no such human exists….u have to be immortal…. The hidden message I got from this book: Edward is about three-hundred years old when he finds love and really learns to care for Bella.

ONE: love takes time… I guess…

TWO: through mistakes we learn… no matter how bad the mistake is….

THREE: be successful (that Dr. Carlisle dude has so many cars in his garage... haha )

and finally

FOUR: REALITY BITES….. (no pun intended…)

i need something better to do....


♥ Queen S ♥ said...

& y on earth u did finish reading it btw? :p
hahah.ade nada tergugat disitu.
dun worry,girls would search for a normal guys in the end.huu.
that's make the books fiction.
anyway,tahniah berjaya habeskan mmbace buku tersebut!
sudah lame ak xmmbace novel.rindu plaks~*

ImRaN said...

because when u start sumthing its better to finish it...tergugat?? not so i guess but it did tell me a few tricks n tips.. heheh... thanx dear...

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

Ala..nak Edward cullen. He's soo hawt. haha. Tak lah men je. lol

im nizam said...


well, h8 to say this..
but, evrytime i enter the woods and girl start to mention edward cullen this and that...

dlm hati..
"..aku stay sini lagi psal korg xboleh gerak cmtu taw, mawu aje tinggalkn korg kt tgh2 hutan ni.."

i kinda undrstand what u r trying to say ma broo~