Friday, April 20, 2012


Hello everyone!

I am about to share with you an experience that I gained during my three month posting at Oral Surgery. What sounded like the most "killer" of all labs turned out to be a journey of self-awareness and a whole lotta knowledge

So far during my clinical years, it was an integrated system where we decide to do what we want with our working hours and patient availability. It’s a whole different system here whereby we are focused on one scope that is surgery. In this lab, we diagnose surgical cases such as abscesses, cysts, and the usual tooth extraction.
in this lab its more than just come to work and get requirements done. they have a whole hierarchy. In short, you begin at the bottom of the food chain from a yellow badge, to a green badge to well… give it a few years (if you wish to continue)… a surgical resident followed by a lecturer. That being said… lets begin!


hahaha… okkey, that may sound over dramatic. But underneath it all that is what the yellows are like being at the bottom of the food chain. We handle control cases of operations done by the residents on the previous day. This means the initial searching the entire lab for the previous case file from that operation, among all the green badges request of their own case files. This means we must understand by heart the mechanism of healing.... what conditions are considered normal in wound healing, antibiotic effectiveness, medication allergy responses and what to do next (planning). We get to experience what it was like to removes sutures. oh this might sound crappy but trust me if this is your first time holding a pair of scissors to a patients mouth your hands are gonna tremble. unless you have the hands for it, in which case I don’t… hehehe

we also get to start diagnosing easy and difficult cases, and this means a sound knowledge of each case itself.. and yeas, Dr. Roberto was right, “there are never 2 identical cases”. This is a golden moment to sharpen our knowledge as we can discuss each case personally with the chosen lecturer. in short, YOU NO STUDY, YOU GET ASSIGNMENT, YOU NO GET MARKS!

Weeks into the lab, we are slowly introduced to assisting of residents operations… and yeas, we start at the bottom, being the “runner” so to speak, the usual duties are to assist holding the dental unit lights to make sure the resident gets a fully lit operating field. we be slaves remember? hahahaha


in the sixth week, we are upgraded to a green badge… this is where the fun happens… because you get to do extractions and shyte… hahaha… We get more complex cases like handling fractures and the epic case of third molar extractions!!!!  lemme see, in Malay its called the gigi geraham paling belakang kan?

by this time, a new group of yellows have entered an took our previous place and we get to noob them around. At the same time we carry the responsibility of molding them to be the next green… in short, if we suck at teaching, IT WILL GODDAMN SHOW…. hahaha…

So yeah… 18 extractions to be completed. GO!


the normal amount of people for a specific badge is 20… but since my group was the last group of my batch, we only had 9 people! So when time came for the switching of badges, we had to wait for the juniors to enter… so there was this one epic week where we were both YELLOWS AND GREENS! the lab was under our management… and what’s even more epic is that we handled the whole department pretty well…. eat that bitches who think we couldn’t do it! hahaha

so yeah… oral surgery was fun… it was hell I know… but it was fun… the lecturers reminded us endlessly about our responsibilities as a dentist, as a human and to our God. I am thankful for each and every moment that made me someone even better than the previous three months…


FYI: all my requirements were fulfilled in the nick of time. Alhamdulillah.

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docbamby said...

well done bro!! reading this shows how grown up u are already to me!! all the best k!! much love!