Sunday, December 19, 2010

tap tap tap!

music they say is life.... and along with music there is usually dance




so u think you can dance.... (huh?)

macam2 lagi dance ada....but the one I like the most is tap dancing... I wud like to tap dance... but living here there is no opportunity to do so... malas jugak na mencari... haha...

so as I was saying... yeas... tap dance... one of the best part of tap dancing is to do it all together on stage... and thus came the RIVERDANCE!

I knew about river dance entah sejak bila... i would like to see it live one day but until then I just have to wait for an opportunity like that to come by... Oh Surabaya, make my dreams come true... puhleeeze!

a lil bit bout the phenomenon....

Riverdance is a theatrical show consisting of traditional Irish stepdancing, notable for its rapid leg movements while body and arms are kept largely stationary. It originated as an interval performance during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, a moment that is still considered a significant watershed in Irish culture.

not giving you too much info to bore you to death (or if u really wanna know head on to!

still don't get the picture eh? well heres a video... turn the speakers up loud and let the tapping begin... (oke that sounds so wrong) hahaha

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