Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello everyone… since balik Malaysia I haven’t blogged…. Well I may have been a bit lazy in terms of blogging but trust me the tweets didn’t stop…. Peace….


Leaving the club

Haha… tajuk syok je kan??? Well, that’s as simple as it is… refer to my previous entry and u will understand why…. During matriculation it was kelab remaja solo Kolej Teknologi Timur [KRSKTT], during my diplomas it was DAM association KUTPM [Duit, Awek, Makan]… in UNAIR itself there was the FKG curse.... I heard there was a name to the club but I did not remember…. After a few months I exited myself out of this club… New things to learn and to experience….

“Nadia, as our relationship goes, u will be my drive to succeed. The future holds much for us. We do not know what lies forward, but I hope this will last.”

And as all club members leave, we bid farewell and leave the game to the rest of the members to play it out…. GOOD LUCK!

Its that time again….

I miss my life back home… yeah it’s only been a month plus… why am I finding it so hard to even give this place a chance??? My parents say I was born with the ability to adapt to situations quickly… I am greatful yeas, but I failed to do so with this place….

Sacrifices will pay off…. I know… but being deprived of a “life” is hard…. The friends I have back home, the civilised conversations [AN ACTUAL SMART AND MATURE CHAT….], the simple activity of watching television I UNDERSTAND, the fact that I know life back home is not a repetition, not being treated as an outsider…. those are the things I miss….

In Flames

My cuzzin gave me 2 albums of this band during the holidays, I took the liberty of listening to it around last 2 weeks. I hate screaming but this turned out to be the SHIT!!!... and I mean that in a good way….. my ears are slowly and steadily turning deaf…. Tahniah Farid….


Yeah… my band finally played live for an audience…. The anniversary of Speedy [an internet company] in Surabaya…. 3 words



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