Wednesday, August 19, 2009


well.... rabu semalam agak mentensenkan.... tapi mujur ada happy ending.... hahaha

Saya sangat teruja memikirkan yang saya akan pulang ke tanah air jumaat nanti.... dapat tiket murah.... yeas! So today I took the time untuk menghabiskan urusan2 yang vital untuk balik. this means immigration and flight tickets.... immigration business over I went to print my ticket.... now here is the best part... in order to print the tickets aku kene pergi office Malaysian Airlines (hohoh... bangga kejap) and after searching online it sed that office dia di Surabaya terletak di Hyatt Regency Hotel jalan Basuki Rachmat....

I figured I knew this place since ada mall fave student Malaysia called tunjungan plaza.... so off I went.. I turun kat Basuki Rachmat... thing is I didn't see a Hyatt.... I dunno wat made me so patient that day but I searched for the hotel on foot. I passed a hotel Bumi Surabaya, a Dunkin DOnuts, till i reached restoran Dapur Desa... I sumhow felt that I missed sumthing.... so I asked the staff at Dapur Desa where Hyatt was.... they told me to go to the tallest white building in sight... so I went back passed Dunkin Donuts and Hotel Bumi Surabaya.... oh lupa.... jarak antara 2 tempat ni jauh kalau jalan kaki.... after passing Bumi Surabaya I saw the white building but no way of getting there....

I then walked a bit further till I decided to ask for directions again.... terasa macam Salesman, I asked randomly to a bunch of men.... they seemed like they were on a lunch break....

"OUH... HYATT REGENCY IS BACK THAT WAY (the way I came from) "

I x puas hati.... I asked

"but all I saw was Hotel Bumi Surabaya"

and the men giggled

"hahaha.... Hotel Bumi Surabya IS Hyatt Regency"

in my mind

"!@#$%^&*()(*&^%.... PICKLE FISSHSTICKS!!!!!"

it turns out.. the Hyatt company bought hotel Bumi Surabaya a long time ago... but they didn't change the signboard in front.... blardy burung..... haih

ouh... wanna know wat the happy ending was????

I HAD A&W FOR LUNCH..... hehehe

it doesn't hurt to ask for directions....

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