Friday, July 24, 2009


yeap... short sems began... not that many classes... 3 days a week... so on the other days I dun sleep much at nights... izzit bad??? or izzit INSOMNIA (ada bunyi petir dan kilat)... haha... well... sleep deprevation is not good you see....

ini-semua-nya (IN-SOM-NIA)

Personality: The most noticeable effect of insomnia is in personality. Those who are suffering from insomnia will burst out over something that isn’t even a big deal and they become more irritable. This change in personality due to insomnia depends on the person and length of sleep that has been disrupted. Sometimes the effects of insomnia destroy personal relationships. No one wants to be around the person because of his attitude and behavior.

Performances: Those who are suffering from insomnia find it difficult to do even the simplest things of everyday life. Holding a cup or writing a check seems to be a very heavy task for them. They lack concentration and become sluggish. They may feel bad about their actions but just cannot control it. Performances become worse along with the severity of insomnia.

Psychological: Other than personality changes, you will find psychological changes as well in those suffering from insomnia. Depression is the most common thing that you will observe in almost all of them. Depression may also cause insomnia so it is advisable to consult with a doctor. They often feel hopeless and dissatisfied and sometimes this leads to suicide in severe cases.

Health: Health of a person is really affected by insomnia. These people are prone to illness and infection as lack of sleep weakens immune system. They often feel very tired, fatigued, energy levels reduced and reflexes slowed. The rate of metabolism is slowed down due to lack of sleep. When insomnia becomes severe, they may even experience hallucinations, heart problem and stomach burns.

Safety: Driving and operating machines become difficult for those people who are lack of sleep and this is not a safe thing. Fatal accidents can happen which may not only cause injury to him but to others also.

Insomnia over a long period of time changes a person’s life. Everyone around him will get fed up because of his behavior. So, it will be wise to consult a doctor and seek out solutions. It may take a little time to find the root cause and going through the treatment but the result will definitely be a sure success. When your sleep returns to normal, you will lead a happy healthy life again.

THIS IS A SPECIAL ENTRY FOR LYDIA (and anyone who is suffering the same ordeal *cough2... terasa*)


Lydia said...

Farid, I will kill you. Haha, thank you.

Farid, you are the cause of my insomnia. ngehehe.. romantic ke tak tu? haha

ImRaN said...

romantic abes....

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