Saturday, July 25, 2009

my besday prezennnn....


oke... that happened last tuesday...

old story... heheh..

best!... pergi karox, makan2, kene simbah...

threads of wishes... thanx all!!!!

tp kan... since it was my birthday dat day...

I had a chance to make a wish

so I know it ain't gonna happen but it would not hurt to dream ryte???

so here is my birthday wishlist!

1. kereta remote control

2. Camera besar2 tuh... best!!

3. Keyboard

4. Air cond untuk bilik

5. my trip to Venice [drool....]

6. a PS3... who doesn't!!!

7. an effects pedal

8. a BOSE

9. A shot at the Autobahn

10. Amy Lee~


ada ke org na bagi nih????


iHayat said...

i can let you play with my ps3. but i cant give it to u. :D

asam-manis said...

mahu benda2 ini juga! *well, some of it*