Saturday, May 9, 2009

the light~

________ under the moonlight (fill in the blank....)
taken at Pakuwon trade centre, Surabaya

taking pictures like this will sure bring back a lotta memories when i get older (then again, i am 23... can be considered as old... with a young spirit)

Happy Birthday Adam....

on another note:

while i was out with at Pakuwon i received a phone call. it was Along.

Along: Arid, u forgot eh....

Me: Err... What???

Along: U didnt wish mama...

In my head: daym... not again

I guess staying all the way here made me forget all the wishes that needed to be wished which i take for granted due to other ppl reminding me. now being here alone, things have got to change... forgive me..

and Mom:


yes, all the words in the world can never describe what a big impact u made in us 4F's lives.

Allah's miracles work in many ways, this is and by far the best...

i am deeply thankful~

1 comment:

iHayat said...

great pic. simply superb.

and i'm sure she forgives you.:)