Thursday, February 5, 2009

platelet naik, platelet turun

wed, 28 jan:
habesnya paper microbiology... another remedial making me as tired as hell from last night..... its like every exam night, no sleep. so after this paper i went for a lil lunch before heading home. Fitri came n asked wether i wanna visit Zulaikha at he hospital... dengue. tis the season i guess. Surabaya has been raining all week n the mosquitoes has come out to play. with 2 cabs we went. talking3.... then suddenly at the hospital my nose started bleeding. Odd for it has never happened in awhile. i figured i penat sangat kot. dun worry.... one more remedial 2moro and i can rest.... rest at a beach in Lamongan....
this semesters notes all piled and arrange. 9 of them..... aaaaaarrrrrgh

i went home... as soon as i finshed praying my whole body started to shiver uncontrollably. i went under the sheets to warm up... Fadzli sed i had a fever, i took some pills and slept it of... by night i thought it was gone. but sure enuff.... mild. so i went for some fresh air, i joined Infused. i did not play well that night. my fever started to spike. went to the hospital to find out my temp was a whopping 42.6 degrees. they gave me a shot to cool me down. went home, slept.

thurs, 29 jan:
i woke at 4 am to study. sick as i am this last paper must be done. i read all i could but it just didnt get into me. txt my cikgu.... so sepanjang exam cikgu yang tolong.... thanx Ain. much appreciated. Lamongan trip was cancelled. Sorry Bella n the gang fer not coming. the fever is still there.....

fri, 30 jan:
da stat cuti.... but i still had the fever.... na xna i pushed myself to do a blood test. pegi Graha Amerta. all blood levels seemed well. but the fever still persists.

sat, 31 jan:
i woke up, totally fresh... didnt feel a thing... then i thot, OMG three days fever then sudden cure... classic. so i guess its off fer another blood test. checking....checking...checking....

thrombosit: 163

still safe.... bought lots of guava juice... ppl say it helps....

sunday, 1 Feb:
i checked my blood levels again. i hoped all that guava juice helped

thrombosit: 120

SHit... yeah baru now na start shit here n there... i called my parents.... GET UR NEXT FASTEST TICKET BACK HOME. dats the whole conversation in short. nex flight mon, 8.40pm

Mon, 2 Feb:
i made arrangements to go home with adam... but as evening came, Yasmin ended up going to the hospital because of typhoid...errrk.... no car t go to the airport.... i made calls instantly:

verde: maaf imran. aku gak bisa
Egi: sori imran, mobilnya lagi gak ada sekarang

damn.... then i remembered. STANLEY!!!!!.... he came n picked me up..... the longest flight home i can rememeber.......

Tue, 3 Feb
i was feeling too weak to even move. atas paksaan i was checked into putrajaya hospital. as reached the hospital my body was flaring up with rashes.
i tot the bintik2 merah that was always sed to be caused by dengue was really red spots. turns out is different. in this pic, u can barely notice but my hands a redder then normal

luckily my sister was working there so registering was no hassle. my face was all kinda bruised up.... i was put on infusion. as i sat on the hospital bed my sister explains. this is pretty much what i recall.

why we take ur blood levels is not only because of ur platelets. we monitor your hematocrit level as well. this means how thick your blood is. it must not be too thick. this will lead to leaking of ur blood components to places it should not go, causing the the rashes you see on your skin. in DHF, ur hematocrit will rise therefore we infuse water. so thats y ppls suruh you minum banyak2..... u may think u drink a lot but the fact is yg masuk is only sikit......

jadi selama ni knapa org asek tanya pasal trombosit je... hematocrit levels are important too.
we never stop learning kan....

and by the way. hospitalized due to DHF is a pain. they take ur blood 3 times a day and that means needles..... aaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh

even so i still had visitors. thanx peeps... :

Alhamdulillah. I am Okay!


Hidayah Zainudin said...

sudah sehat kah?
i told izzi, tapi dia biasa la, suka hilang ingatan. lupa nak give u a call.haha
neways, take care =)

asam-manis said...

gosh farid..i didnt know u were sick..

take care of urself big guy!
drink lots of water!